Trolls are the integration tests of your social skills

2019, November 1st, Hour of the Monkey (15.00-17.00)

We begin at the beginning; we begin by setting the atmosphere. Here, the Internet. We start with the Internet because it's "the other" to all of us - a frontier so vast we cannot explore it to any meaningful extent without a sufficiently advanced machine intelligence scouting, collating, and mapping while we sleep. Because what is on the Internet? Everything. Because 'everything' is a way of saying 'nothing', when you look at the Internet, all you see is your own reflection. And this "other"-ness of it does not go away with experience, no, it's quite the opposite - the more time we spend on the Internet, the more we 'know' it, the more foreign we discover it to be. It truly is the window to the world. Please step outside of yourself now and feel it's vastness. Feel the force of the screaming wind. Feel secure in knowing that at this moment, a thousand sages are living through moments that are a decade ahead of your own time. In a decade from now, you too will live through them, and they will feel as obvious and natural as the rays of the sun and drops of rain. Such is the atmosphere of the Internet. What is a troll? It is you, from a moment ahead of your own time.

When you adopt this attitude, you stop being negatively affected by what you see on the Internet. After all, you would not do that to yourself unless it had some utility, like taking up an exercise regiment that, while hard in the moment and uncomfortable to bear, ultimately strengthens you. With the attitude of regarding trolls as insights into yourself, you end up hearing the same things that all people ever tell each other - 'please' and 'thank you'. Listen, an Internet once said that if you get approached on the street by a hustler who wants to play you a game of cups, don't play - just give him the money. You didn't get scammed, you bought invaluable information - you just learned that you look like a sucker. If you hadn't, the hustler would not have approached you. Nobody else will every give you so much insight so quickly and for so little, so show a little grattitude and walk away with a smile. Now that you know, you can ask yourself the "why" and maybe even learn to no longer look like a victim. The fact that the Internet is so vast and infinite guarnatees that it will have in it such insight that you cannot hope to find away from keyboard. See, with this atitude, you will no longer have buttons for others to press. What is a troll? It is you, from a moment ahead of your own time, showing you something you shouldn't treat so seriously.

Nothing is ever serious, but everything could be tragic.